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I'm starting to regret this plan...

[Jean works the cap off the bottle with his thumb but doesn't get beyond that when he's on the receiving end of some -- yep -- wild accusations from Eren.]

It doesn't matter where I got it from, okay?!

[The less you know, the better, Eren. That's just Jean's way of keeping you of any potential trouble.]

This is gonna disinfect and help me out here, because clearly you're incapable of it.
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You can...

[On the one hand, he's pissed off enough to almost believe that Eren can leave him be because he does have everything under control (or at least he thinks he does); on the other, well, there's a sense of dread bubbling up within him that he can't quite figure out. Nor does he want to, really. Because then that'll mean he'll have to admit to himself that he wants Eren to stick around and help. Ugh.

Jean takes the cloth off his arm. The good news is, it's not gushing blood, thanks to all of the pressure he had on it. The bad news is, it's still an open wound.

He heard some older folk joking about pouring alcohol onto wounds. But that seems kind of ridiculous. He looks to seriously consider it, though...]


[Eren didn't see that though, right? Good.

Jean returns the slight glare.]

I mean, unless you have something to close this up with?
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[Drunks are definitely everywhere. Even in their army. Ahem.]

Wrapped with what?

[The shirt isn't soaked through so they might be able to use that, but...

Jean wrinkles his nose, not too keen on the idea of using it. But he does perk up at the idea of stealing some ointment. Hell, he's almost smiling now. They could steal a suture kit and bandages and other stuff!]

Ointment? From where? Who?

[If he's sitting up and sliding to the edge of the crate, then...]
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Maybe you oughtta think of what you're going to do first before you start...

[Stripping. Ugh.

Jean forces himself to recoil and look disgusted toward Eren as the other boy removes and offers up his shirt. And it happens to be the one Eren wears all the damn time. Grumbling, Jean takes the shirt and drapes it over his wound, silently hoping he won't start thinking about this scene, or how selfless Eren is being by offering up the shirt he wears day in and out...]

You're not going out to steal anything, are you?

[Not like Jean's one to talk. He got into this mess by fiddling around with stuff that doesn't belong to him in the first place. But still.]
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[OOC; No worries! I'm up for continuing if you are.]


[He's already light-headed and there's a dull ache forming behind his eyelids. Nice additions to the nasty pain burning within his arm. Jean's had too much for one night; no sense in arguing, especially since Eren doesn't have to do any of this

Jean sighs, looks down at the shirt he's got pressed snug against the gash.]

If you're caught, just say it was me that told you to do it.

[Even though he didn't -- and he doesn't even want him to -- he does bear the responsibility here. Jean can be sarcastic and cynical and a bit of an ass. But he's not that much of an asshole.]
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[OOC; I do but I don't really use it that often. It's mostly to keep up with a couple of people. It's mahhaken if you're interested.]

[Hell, Jean himself isn't used to his Softer Side, so he can at least understand the awkward atmosphere. What he doesn't understand is why Eren is being so...

...well, nice isn't the apt term here. Jean's idea of someone being nice is along the lines of Krista, or maybe even Armin. Eren obviously doesn't fit that kind of image. But he's not as hostile as he normally is, and now Jean is just so confused.

He sighs, grumbles a little under his breath.]

Whatever, do what you want.

[He sighs a bit, and shifts around uncomfortably in his seat, making every effort to not look in Eren's general direction.]

...I'll be fine.

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[Yah. :) I haven't seen her around or spoken to her in a long time, though.]

[Frenemy might be the best description but even then that's kind of...well, Jean isn't sure what it is. All he knows is that it makes him feel a little weird to think about it.

He sighs, reminds himself what's really going on here, then rolls his eyes. Eye contact's a lot easier this way.]

I'll wait here with bated breath...

[Not exactly the truth, but...]