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Jean Kirstein ([personal profile] neighsays) wrote in [personal profile] rancour 2016-04-25 08:34 am (UTC)

[OOC; No worries! I'm up for continuing if you are.]


[He's already light-headed and there's a dull ache forming behind his eyelids. Nice additions to the nasty pain burning within his arm. Jean's had too much for one night; no sense in arguing, especially since Eren doesn't have to do any of this

Jean sighs, looks down at the shirt he's got pressed snug against the gash.]

If you're caught, just say it was me that told you to do it.

[Even though he didn't -- and he doesn't even want him to -- he does bear the responsibility here. Jean can be sarcastic and cynical and a bit of an ass. But he's not that much of an asshole.]

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