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Jean Kirstein ([personal profile] neighsays) wrote in [personal profile] rancour 2016-04-14 11:29 am (UTC)

You can...

[On the one hand, he's pissed off enough to almost believe that Eren can leave him be because he does have everything under control (or at least he thinks he does); on the other, well, there's a sense of dread bubbling up within him that he can't quite figure out. Nor does he want to, really. Because then that'll mean he'll have to admit to himself that he wants Eren to stick around and help. Ugh.

Jean takes the cloth off his arm. The good news is, it's not gushing blood, thanks to all of the pressure he had on it. The bad news is, it's still an open wound.

He heard some older folk joking about pouring alcohol onto wounds. But that seems kind of ridiculous. He looks to seriously consider it, though...]


[Eren didn't see that though, right? Good.

Jean returns the slight glare.]

I mean, unless you have something to close this up with?

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