neighsays: (Appaloosa)
Jean Kirstein ([personal profile] neighsays) wrote in [personal profile] rancour 2016-04-13 09:41 pm (UTC)

[The arrow tip pops out, and following it is a small stream of blood that, upon first seeing it, Jean nearly faints. It's only the sheer anger he has towards Eren that keeps him awake and clutching at his arm, his hold weakening.]

I swear to fucking god, Eren, if there's permanent damage...!

[It hurts but it's a bearable sort of pain, that's hot and numbing -- not as bad as it looks, true, but Jean's the type to use any excuse to go off on Eren.

He scoops up the bundled shirt and holds the cleanest, driest corner of it against the wound to sop up the blood.]

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