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(from here)

[Between Jean alternating hands, and now this. He might've said something if not for these (somewhat) nerve wracking circumstances. The 'inappropriateness' is noted somewhere at the back of his mind, possibly to be brought up later on at a point where Jean would have no recollection of saying this.]

That's what I'm gonna do!

[Impatiently, as though Jean has no right to be impatient himself.

But rather than delving right in, he abandons Jean for all of a few moments, just to grab a waterbucket -- for the horses, lingering just at the edge of his line of vision. They may not have soaps and such, but dousing the wound with something post-'surgery' is better than nothing...

Which isn't exactly true, but it makes sense in his mind.

So he hauls it over, sets it to the side, then kneels between Jean's legs (to make everything weirder).]

But you have to let me touch it, don't complain about manhandling when that's not what I'm doing...

[While slipping one hand underneath Jean's forearm. The other moves to recover his knife from a pocket.]

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